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Sourced with care in California

Natural and organic blend

Natural and organic blend

Reach nirvana with a nourishing oil to heal the skin. Made with natural ingredients and organic cannabis.



" I love how I feel a sudden lift of pain from my affected areas, it's not sticky and has a nice cooling sensation. "


" I'm obsessed with the Nirvana body oil, I started adding it to my daily moisturizer and shampoo. I cant imagine either without it now. " 

- Corrine

" As a Massage Therapist i have been using the Baba Salve on my clients and self for the past six months and the results are truely wonderful, I use it on any injury and the pain immediately disappears. "

- Alex

nirvana body oil

nirvana body oil

A healing and nourishing blend of meditative and uplifting floral essential oil combined with high quality, organic cannabis.

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baba salve

baba salve

This blend of naturally derived essential ols and Earth butters combined with high quality, organic Cannabis creates a healing salve.

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