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Do you believe in the power of CBD products? Are you looking for natural cosmetics and superior full spectrum remedies? You’ve come to the right place! At Omm Remedies, we strongly believe in the unique properties of cannabinoids, and we manufacture high quality and effective cosmetics and remedies for our clients. Explore our full offer and choose the perfect Omm products for yourself!


This blend of naturally derived essential oils and Earth butters combined with high quality, organic full spectrum oil extract creating a healing salve.

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Our customers love Omm Remedies

"I have chronic moderate to severe joint and muscle pain caused by osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and a rare genetic condition, Ehlers-Danlos. I’ve tried everything  and this product is, hands down, the most effective I’ve ever used. I like the smell, too. Highly recommended."


"I'm obsessed with the Nirvana body oil, I started adding it to my daily moisturizer and shampoo. I cant imagine either without it now." 

Corrine J.

"Outstanding results. I have to stress fractured wrist that are not repaired and am working heavy and hard. 51 years young and been hard on my body. This product is fantastic at removing the nag pain that persist throughout my days. Now I am working without the nag pain. That is huge."


"As a Massage Therapist i have been using the Baba Salve on my clients and self for the past six months and the results are truely wonderful, I use it on any injury and the pain immediately disappears."

Alex R.

"I love how I feel a sudden lift of pain from my affected areas, it's not sticky and has a nice cooling sensation."

Mary Jane Mag

"This is an unbelievable product. Started using it some months ago for chronic back pain and arthritis, neuropathy. Nothing even comes close to this product, it is a game changer. I haven't had pain relief like this in a decade."


Omm Remedies is a female owned plant-powered brand based in Long Beach, California. Founded from a desire to create quality, affordable and organic products purpose built for individuals seeking simple and effective skin care.